Tallong Community Focus Groups Current Projects and Completed Projects

The Tallong Community Focus group has the following projects currently in progress:

. 8 Panels of History information to be installed on the signs at the Memorial Park [along Caoura Road]

. Waiting on confirmation [due 26/08] on a request for a donation to the Tallong Community for a Defibrillator [to held at The Midge in a secured cabinet]

. Beautification of The Walkway and Nature Reserve

. Planting around new Gazebo

. Application re-submitted for Grant for Exercise Park

.Application submitted for a 10 year lease on crown land [known as corner bush block, opposite railway station]

. Flora and Fauna Information signage to be situated throughout the walkway/reserve

.Caoura Station Replica -History Sculpture Display to be installed in  nature reserve

. Grant Application to restore Honour Role Boards in Tallong Memorial Hall

. Application to GMC to approve site for Half Basketball Court in Tallong Memorial Park and provide quotes/plans

. Fencing along Caoura Road- Entrance under ‘The Apple’ 

. Request for a second Garbage Bin near the Gazebo

. Communicate with GMC regarding our request for a toilet upgrade in the park-[confirmed in 2021 budget ,unless funding becomes available earlier]

.  Grant application for funding for Tallong Apple Day Festival 2020

Community Projects Completed to date:

.Emergency Preparedness Seminar 

.Presentation to Council on the LEP 20/20 Plan

.Christmas Cards to the Troops project

.Paint The Pot Project

.Village Footpath construction

.Tallong Railway  Carpark Upgrade 

.Welcome To Tallong Entrance Signs

.Tallong War Memorial Restoration, Corrections and Repair

.2015 Centenary Anzac Memorial Plaques -at entrance of Memorial Drive, Pine Trees trimmed and natural garden surrounding memorial

.  Creation of ‘The Jim Watling Walkway’ – Restoration of ‘The Big Apple’

.The Tallong Nature Reserve  created- continually working on this project, planting new natives, mulching and maintaining 

.Gazebo installed in Nature Reserve

.Large Planter Boxes installed in Memorial Park  and trees planted -along Caoura Road

. Tallong Maps Sign-Places of interest installed next to the ‘Big Apple’ 

.Tree Guards installed at Railway Station and trees planted