Tallong Picnic and Recreation Reserve Trust

The Annual General Meeting was held on the 7th August at Tallong Memorial Hall at 3pm. The term for the trust committee is 5 years. The new committee is: 

Chairperson- Alan Weston

Vice Chairperson- Russel Montgomery

Treasurer- Jeremy Porter

Secretary- Christine Wursten

 Members- Kerry Lawrence & Alita Curry

We held our first meeting at the conclusion of the AGM on 7th  August at 3.45 pm and discussed what our plans and visions are.We decided to go to the 2 sites to get a clear idea of the task ahead!After a site inspection by the committee, we have assessed our plans for the 2 areas.

  1. Picnic and Camping ground
  2. Sportsground [cricket ground]

This map can be downloaded here.

Our immediate plan is to clean up around the picnic area and camping ground area. Some clearing will need to take place and removal of dead trees and trees that pose a risk to visitors.

We will signpost the areas, and contact GMC in regards to signage on Highland Way to minimize the risk with extra traffic using the Barbers Creek road.

The vision is to have both the picnic area and camping ground  ready for visitors with tables/chairs , BBQ facilities and garbage bin.

We will then proceed to make a walkway/bike track  from the picnic area along the Barbers Creek up to the sports ground and return. Work has begun on the sportsground with spraying of the field, which will then enable some slashing/ clearing. Then the big job of trying to fertilize and get the field up to scratch to install some multi purpose goals and cricket pitch.

Clean up of the Picnic Area – August 2019

The sports ground – August 2019
The shed near the sports ground – August 2019