Weather in Tallong

A summary of the rainfall and some significant weather events during 2021 can be seen in:

2021 Weather in the Tallong Region

On December 1, 2020 there was a severe wind storm which moved across the Tallong/Marulan region. This has been discussed in the following Draft report. In addition, a Weatherzone movie animation of the weather radar images is included below for you information:

Report – December_1_2020

The report contains a link to a video of a drone flight over the devastated area near the end of Longpoint Road taken in January 2022. The link is as follows:


A detailed analysis of weather in the Tallong region can be viewed by clicking on the following file:

Weather in the Tallong Region


The winter of 2017 also presented us with some interesting observations which have been documented in a small report as follows:

A thunderstorm on the evening of December 3, 2021 indicated some interesting geographic variations in impacts across the region. They can be seen in the following report and videos: