The 2019-2020 Fires and Floods in Tallong

Following on the extreme drought in 2019, Tallong was hit by fires and then flooding rains in February 2020. There was a great deal of RFS activity in the region and especially down Caoura Road. The following articles in the Goulburn Post form a record of this activity and are supplemented by photographs taken through the region.

Goulburn Post January 6, 2020

Goulburn Post January 8, 2020

Goulburn Post January 20, 2020

And then the rains came …….

Goulburn Post January 22, 2020

But the fires persisted and some preventative measures brought local reaction …

Goulburn Post January 29, 2020

and the RFS reply …

Goulburn Post January 31, 2020

Finally some progress in containing the fire …

Goulburn Post February 7, 2020

Then the big February rains hit ….

Goulburn Post February 19, 2020

The State Government and Goulburn Mulwaree Council have provided financial assistance to Tallong for the bush fire recovery …

Goulburn Post March 6, 2020

Finally the bush fire period is declared over …

Goulburn Post April 3, 2020