Things to see and Do in Tallong

Highlights for visitors include the stunning lookouts at Long Point and Badgery’s with walking trails to and camping in the Shoalhaven River valley.

Shoalhaven River valley

Tallong’s ‘Apple Day Festival’ held annually on the first Sunday in May is a popular country festival with market stalls and family activities. See

See Tallong’s interesting: Geology

Tallowa Gully


Tallong Midge Orchid


Argyle Apple Trees
Stringy Bark Eucalyptus Gum Trees
Scribbly Eucalyptus Gum Trees

Birdlife and Fauna

                                        One of our many locals

 More Things to do:

The Jim Watling Walkway & Nature Reserve

Situated at Tallong Memorial Park. Take a look at the restored ‘BIG APPLE’ and take a walk around the nature reserve on the Jim Watling Walkway. Have a break in the new Gazebo and be sure to take a look at our history information [still in progress]

The Park has children’s playground equipment, BBQ facilities , toilets and plenty of parking. 

Tallong History trail  (History Trail) and The Village Walk (Village Walk) booklets are available at The Midge for a small charge.

Tallong Auto Cruize Club

The Tallong Auto Cruize Club is a group of car enthusiasts in the Tallong region. You can read all about the club and its program of events here: to be added


Tallong St Stephen’s Church

 NOTE: Information currently being updated

Meets every Sunday at 10am


Divergent Church

Meets every second Sunday at 4.27pm at Tallong Memorial Hall.Contact Bel & Magnus Agren 0439450792  or 


Wyadra Brewing

We are a Bouquet Brewery in the Southern Highlands at Tallong.Our Beer is made from rain water and quality grain. Wyadra Brewing has an open day once a month- ‘DAY ON THE PADDOCK’                     suggested duration of stay 3 hours                                                                                            See website for bookings